TV3 NEWS. 10/10/2007

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News, sport and weather.
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The Government has announced a huge cash surplus, putting further pressure and expectation on Finance Minister Michael Cullen to announce personal income tax cuts.
John Key (National Party Leader); Helen Clark (Prime Minister).

It appears that the numbers for voter turnouts in local body elections around the country is down.
Melissa Davies (3 News); Steve Kilpatrick (; Mike Reid (Local Government New Zealand); Voxpop.

Karen Collings - a local body candidate for the Timaru Council - has been in court over charges of public urination.

In Iraq, private security guards have shot dead two men.

TVCs @ 14.40 : Quitline (Pasifika targetting)

TVCs @ 29.45 : BBQ Factory (Fred Dagg soundtrack), Molenberg

TVCs @ 38.50 : Coke, KIwisaver, Eveready (Kid’s toys)

TVCs @ 51.30 : Powerade (Creepy Mils Muliaina*)

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Year 2007

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