Waitangi Celebrations, 1991

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Waitangi Celebrations, 1991:
- Kaikōrero: Toko Te Kani / Ngāti Oneone / Tairawhiti
- Kaikōrero: Martha Moon talks about the working of the Māori Wardens.
- Kaikōrero: unidentified.
- Waka launching and waiata...Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
- Kaikōrero: Moai Tihi / Oromawai Marae
- Kaikōrero: Toko Te Kani

[Field recording; waves can be heard in the background. Stops abruptly mid sentence]

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Year 1991

Reference number 55308

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Genre Live sound recordings
Sound recordings

Credits Nikora, Maihi, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Te Kani, Toko, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Moon, Martha, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Tihi, Moa, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Apiata, Wi, Speaker/Kaikōrero

Duration 00:51:20

Date 1991